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Investment Studies

Investment consulting work directed at entrepreneurs has highlighted a few constant elements:
•The dominant factors are a poor financial sector, the scarcity of liquidity, the abundance of human resources trained or not; a growing population. The EAC is over 200 million human beings, the vast majority of whom are young. Lack of transport infrastructure hinders trade and costs extra. The agricultural sector already employs a lot, as well as the factories that can supply their raw materials.
•Efforts to clean up tariff and non-tariff barriers within the EAC are boosting business opportunities; but the EAC space remains highly unequal.
•There are heavyweights in this EAC area (Kenya / Tanzania) whose economic links are older. Uganda is catching up, investors are coming from all continents.
•These three countries have already made their integration also by road. South Sudan, which has war and oil, is very connected to Uganda. Also as oil country by 2025, Uganda will see its GDP multiplied by at least 2.
•There are others: RWANDA is positioned in this set as a service economy (Finance, tourism). Its strategic plan gives pride of place to human capital. He invests heavily in education and will want to export his expertise. He already lives on a Ugandan food infusion.
•Burundi, the other poor relative of the region, provided he makes peace with himself, is teeming with opportunities: mining, energy, fisheries, tourism. If the country could enjoy a clear position, it would take advantage of its proximity to eastern DR Congo to serve as a logistical base for mining exports.
•Burundi does not benefit from its human capital. The totally opaque management of these improvised recipes, the mistrust (reciprocal) of the business community, … durably complicates his chances.

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Marketing Services

The EAC states are at a historic turning point. The expansion towards a new economic unit as a guarantee of competitiveness has created new needs. + A new business is born which results in the resizing of companies in search of economies of scale, the introduction on new market segments, fresh money to invest, produce differently, recruit far from home, always looking for comparative advantages …

To reach your new goals, we will find new partners for you who will share your values, which will translate them into strategies.

++ We target companies with export potential. We work with them to achieve this goal: product quality, presentation, packaging, institutional issues and other financial constraints, etc

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Administrative support and or legal procedures

The knowledge of the legal environment of the countries (in their diversity), to bring to an end procedures under long and opaque can only be guaranteed by a confident and available partner to get in possession without delay of the documents of use. We are this faithful and seasoned partner to come to the rescue unceasingly to solve the many legal and administrative problems.

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Special Diaspora


+ Our offices function as permanently open workshops. We host initiatives submitted to us by different promoters. Depending on their needs expressed or noted, we associate qualified experts. The best ideas are then directed to investors and financiers to be realized.

++ The diaspora is huge in terms of opportunities. We stand ready, with specific contracts to guide the export trade. The diaspora itself proves to be a market for local products: crafts, culture, leisure. It is a carrier of expertise that we can buy. The diaspora is already an interesting market for real estate products such as individual housing.

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Invest in Retail

The last of the chain, before the end consumer, happens to be the retail agent. Retailers often lack banking contacts. We act to allow them access to supplier credits, adequate insurance products; access to good accounting. They often work in ignorance of regulations. We interpose between them and the administrations on the one hand and the markets on the other hand. Each time, it is to allow them to anticipate.

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Become a Wholesaler / Representative

With the new borders, manufacturers must ensure that their products go as far as new legislation allows. These are new representational contracts in prospect for wholesalers. We are assisting these partnerships, enabling manufacturers to cut their contracts intelligently.

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Industrial Solutions

AZANIA TEAM provides services like

  • Firm of study in various sectors, ranging from finance, Management, marketing, technology transfer …
  • He organizes a lot of high-tech exhibitions,
  • Demonstrates in a business environment on new applications
  • It seeks to uncover export opportunities,
  • Virtually develops an online sales platform for the most innovative products,
  • It invests in the development of new tourism products,
  • It is involved in providing access to online training, by providing modules for the agri-food, agri-livestock, tourism, mining, energy, environmental technologies information.

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Real Estate Investment

At the time of writing, the UJENGE project, in partnership with companies in the construction sector, offers low-cost housing in various locations in Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda for sale. Other EAC countries will follow shortly. To obtain its housing, it is necessary to make the request, then it is necessary to visit them. Finally, you need to be aware of the financing arrangements to comply with the financial eligibility conditions for all those who require bank credit negotiations. For this case, It is necessary to wait between 3 and 6 months to enter in possession of the coveted house.

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Travel Assistance

Every quarter, AzaniaTeam organizes, in partnership with chambers of commerce, partner universities, a road show across the sub-continent, looking for opportunities and business partners. From anywhere in the global, you can participate in this event. Places are loops 30 days before the departure date.

At the same time, we deal with issues related to immigration services.

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Insurance / Banking Operations

Whether it is a social investment such as acquiring a home, or an operation for the acquisition of a business, when bidding, the development of an existing business; Merger operations or during import / export or other operations, insurance and banks are never far away. We will offer you a happiest, most secure combination …

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ICT Solutions

It is neither more nor less than a door-to-door carried out with companies which remain below the standards in their sector. We act as brokers for industrialists at the forefront in robotic applications, the digitization of operations. We explain the new devices, their impact on yields, labor savings. We offer training for sector staff in the form of group internships … etc.

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Training Courses

They are Genuine Innovation Labs where young people come directly from different schools to give birth to a project, before finding investors and financiers.

AZANIA TEAM needs to find the best experts in the industry to bring these workshops to life. The workshop must convince participants who are young promoters (often they are the biological parents of the project), financiers, potential investors, to finance the feasibility study in due form. Between 1 month and 3 months later (according to the project), comes another workshop called validation of the Study. At this point, there is an appeal to investors that is launched.

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