About Azania Team
An African network of experts, a team, all over the continent!

Who we are

AzaniaTeam is an intra-African trade facilitation platform implemented by a network of African experts. Teams are already at work in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda to make your project alive for the continent.
We expect more: the late-stage must emerge of the whole Africa.
For investors, we develop a database of useful publication on country trade procedures, we publish statistics, we make available to the general public the opportunities documented by network experts.

How to build a Team

Welcome to our site dedicated to trade in our continent: for Africa and with the rest of the world. We seek to build a mutually beneficial partnership with the countries to which we are called to grow. The procedure is quite simple: You send us an e-mail that reflects your interest. You would like to attach your own resume; as well as a soft copy of your most current photo.
The conditions of this relationship will come to you by return of the mail.
I would like to set here the responsibilities and the aptitudes that we expect from a team-country in our company. Firstly, by Team we expect a group of people, 3 or more. Depending on the extent of the territory to be covered, and interests involved, it can be completed by delegates in the region. Roughly speaking, the functions that await you complete the profit generally recognized to a management team whose strength of communication must be proven, endowed with a marketing punch to stay at the influx of information and bring it down as far as possible. In everyday life it is:
- Supervise technically and administratively investors;
- Support investment studies Intervene as a mediator with state institutions and in banking negotiations;
- ICT (especially in publishing) should not be very secretive to you.
You meet a lot of manufacturing companies and entrepreneurs in the distribution sector with a scrutinizing look at their imports and exports to convince them to quickly change bad habits ... You, before taking office, make sure you have the heart of a contractor. Enrollment procedures take a maximum of one month, before you are notified of your acceptance or rejection.

Key Benefits

Facilitate procedures by providing an immediate understanding of the steps and legal requirements;
Reduce the time and costs of this business information;
Continue the growth of trade within the continent's economic spaces, with a view to a substantial increase in production;
To obtain a real transfer of the best mastered technologies; increased movement of human resources throughout the continent;
Develop a real partnership between project promoters and the financial community;
Offer investors a scientific support motivating for the studies required by their project;
Support, at all levels, the investors in quest of authorizations, administrative and legal facilities; as well as logistical requirements.

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